Welcome to Rice Husk Ash (Thailand)

Rice Husk Ash Deelert is rice husk ash manufacture that will work to meet whatever our customers requirements are and produce a quality product at the most competitive price.

Our sales team can speak several languages including English and is committed to provide specialized products to meet the needs of our clients. Samples of our product can be provided on request. Pricing is also available on request based on packaging requirements.

Steel mill Benefits

Our Rice Husk Ash is suitabe for steel and cement industry, The benefit of using RHA are follow: • Heat loss prevention

•Maintain core temperature

•Increases Ladle Yields

•Reduces Tundish Covers

•Reduces Metal Skulling

•Use Less Tundish Heat While Casting

Deelert Group has been establish for over 20 years in Agriculture and Export. Deelert processes and packages Rice Husk Ash for different industries such as cement and steel industry. By using consistent and quality process Deelert can create RHA (rice husk ash )that has low residule carbon content and high silica content which is necessary in the steel industry. With high silica contents our product can also be use for Cement and Fertilize.

Over the past year Deelert has exported to many countries around the world. Deelert uses a raw material that is inspected for quality several times each day before being tested for moisture and sent to our packaging factory. Currently Deelert has capacity to produce low carbon rice husk ash of over 700 tons per month and is in the process of increasing the capacity another 50%.

Deelert has porfessional teams in sales and production to ensure that our product meets or exceeds our customers requirements in quality, packaging and shipping.