Rice husk ash

Zero carbon rice husk ash

Nowaday, there are a big demand for low carbon rice husk ash or another word is Carbonize rice husk ash or WRHA. The color for this type of product is gray and sometime it is white. The special characteristics of zero carbon rice husk ash is it has very high in silica and very low almost none in carbon. It mainly use in steel and cement industry as a conventional raw material or as a binder.

Our company now can produce high and low carbon rice husk ash. Please refer to our contact details for more information about our product.

Rice husk ash


Rice hulls(or rice husks) are the hard protecting coverings of grains of rice. In addition to protecting rice during the growing season, rice hulls can be put to use as building material,fertilizerinsulation material, or fuel.

The ash produced after the husks have been burned, (abbreviated to RHA), is high in silica. A number of possible uses are being investigated for this. These uses include

  • Aggregates and fillers for concrete and board production
  • Economical substitute for microsilica / silica fumes
  • Absorbents for oils and chemicals
  • Soil ameliorants
  • As a source of silicon
  • As insulation powder in steel mills
  • As repellents in the form of “vinegar-tar”
  • As a release agent in the ceramics industry
  • As an insulation material for homes and refrigerants
  • IN Kerala, India- Rice husks (Umikari- in malayalam)was universally used for over centuries in cleaning teeth – before toothpaste substituted it.